Ultimaker 2

This easy and reliable 3D printer is designed to provide the best experience in 3D printing. Engineered to perform, this 3D digital printing workhorse is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly and particularly useful for artists, engineers, makers and innovators looking for fast, high quality prints in just about any size or material.

The Ultimaker 2 uses the fused deposition modeling (FDM) method to print by melting a plastic filament that somewhat looks like “weed whapper string” to create the 3D print. This method is also called fused filament fabrication (FFF).

The Ultimaker 2 3D printer produces high-quality product preserving excellent detail.  There is a good range of print speed and quality to choose from: quick and low quality, or slow and high quality, as required.

The Ultimaker 2 is a versatile, high-quality 3D printer that can be used for multiple purposes. It can crank out quick, rough prints, or produce smooth, clean prints of excellent quality.

Featuring a .4mm extruder capable of an amazing 20 micron layer resolution, 12 micron XY precision, and 5 micron Z precision, the Ultimaker 2 is the best consumer 3D printer available today.

It has a great compact design, uses standard consumables such as nylon, glass-filled polyamide, epoxy resins, wax, metal filaments and more; and works very quietly with a large print platform for creating relatively large objects in one piece.

Learn to import, setup, and print with PLA or ABS Filament using this amazing machine, as well as learning how different settings affect speed and quality.